Nasik (Nashik)

 Nasik (Nashik) is one of the important city in Maharashtra, India.Nasik is located in the northwest of Maharashtra, 180 km from Mumbai and 202 km from Pune.Nasik is one of the world's holiest Hindu cities, many tourist visit Nasik during Kumbha Mela. Kumbhmela is held here once in 12 years along with four other cities in India.The Godavari is a river that runs from western to southern India and is considered to be one of the big river basins in India.It originates near Trimbak in Nashik District The city is home to hundreds of temples and shrines notably at the Ghats near Ramkund (which is the stretch of the river considered holy as it changes its course from westward to southward). The Kalaram Temple, The Naroshankar Temple and the Sundernarayan Temple are most significant architecturally, all built in black basalt stone.
     Look around the city and its outskirts, there's plenty to see.College Road-happening place in Nasik. Malls, Restaurants, Shopping, Multiplex, McDonalds, Cafe Coffee Day. The Gangapur Dam is a beautiful site. The Dudhsagar Fall near the village of Gangapur is worth a look in the rains. A few kilometers away from Gangapur village is a Stone Age site. On the road to Trimbakeshwar is the state's only Museum of Numismatics. Anjaneri Parvat near Trimbakeshwar is well known for waterfalls during monsoon season. Pandavleni Caves, the 4th century  caves of Buddhist origin, a Bird Sanctuary "Nandur-Madhyameshwar".
Godavari Temple The Godavari Temple was built by Elder Madhavrao Peshwa's mother, Gopikabai in 1760. This temple is open for devotees only during the period of Kumbhamela (once in 12 years) for 13 months. It is also called Ganga Temple. SundarNarayan Mandir The important peculiarity of the temple is the angle of construction which makes the first rays of the sun to fall exactly on the foot of deities on 21 March.Sinnar Gargoti Museum- Located 32 kms from Nashik on Nashik-Shirdi highway is a small bustling town Sinnar, renowned for the award winning mineral museum called Gargoti Museum. It is one of the best museums in the world with large collection of zeolites which are micro porous crystalline solids with well defined rich structures similar to that of diamonds or other precious stones.

to reach nasik
By Train
Nasik Road railway station is about 9 km away from Nasik city center. This station is directly connected with Mumbai and regular train services are available from here to many cities in India.

By Road
Nashik is located at a distance of approximately 180 km from Mumbai and 220 km from Pune and is easily accessible by road from both of the cities. You can easily find State Transport as well as private buses for all the cities in Maharashtra and the neighboring states from here. Taxis are also easily available.